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We are your trusted sources for commercial Property and Casualty Insurance since 1963 and cover nationwide for your commercial insurance needs. 

Our Mission

Our number one calling in life is to help people. We subscribe to a simple philosophy. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As independent agents, we have the flexibility to target our commercial insurance companies and our clients that we prefer to assist in helping buy the best product at the best price. We believe insurance is a commodity once a new client is looking for us to provide the best price and best coverage. It's pure and simple, if an agent claims to know the market then he should be able to find the best price. Insurance becomes a relationship once we prove our ability by offering competitive pricing and outstanding service. Our mission is to train new agents, creating an opportunity for them in this expanding economy. Our goal is to be in every metropolitan market in Texas in 2020. We are looking for a few good men and women that want a professional career in an industry that will not die and with a firm that will be here for decades to come.


Tel: 972-301-7394​


Monday - Friday 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm (CST)

farley family

Mr. Farley was born in Oklahoma in 1934. His father was in the Oil and Gas business, where at the age of 8 years old, young master Farley began his career as a helper to the helper for his father's oil servicing company. If one were to hear him tell the story, "the nights were long, the pay was terrible and the days were worst then the nights," yet it was tremendous motivation for him to concentrate on his school work. During his school years (as the story was told around the evening meal table to 4 hungry mouths) he would walk to school 5 miles, in the snow, uphill both ways.


Mr. Farley started his career in the insurance industry in January of 1963. His original intent for a profession was to be a Petroleum Engineer or a lawyer. However, he loved helping people and had a charming personality that opened doors that few salespeople could open.  As a young man in Houston Texas, he interviewed with numerous companies before he chose Texas Employers. Texas Employers is where he learned the art of selling insurance to a hungry industrial industry that paid substantial premiums. The first year in his career he was the number one salesperson in his district and won several awards.  His success created an opportunity In 1968 for Mr. Farley and his partners to buy an insurance company in Houston, Texas by the name of San Jacinto Insurance Company.


In 1972, Mr. Farley graduated from the University of Oklahoma while running several companies, including Farley Cattle Company on some land in Oklahoma and Texas. In 1976, Mr. Farley and his partners bought several Insurance agencies around Texas, where they clustered some of the agencies together. With more than 55 years in the Insurance industry, the Farley Family is a name you can trust to provide reliable insurance services for decades to come.

Meet the Team

Glenn Farley


President & CEO

Joseph Farley


Business Development



Commercial Insurance

Brad Parsons

HR and Legal

Jassen Alexander

Talent Development

Sherry Shi

Data and Analytics

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